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Wicker Patio Furniture

The new plastic coasted wicker patio furniture today can easily outlive most other competitive patio furniture makers.

With the advancement of synthetic wicker patio furniture it has become much more weather resistant.

From traditional brown to white and many other colors in between, wicker patio furniture is desired for its unique appearance and has universal appeal. One of the advantages of wicker patio furniture is that it is strong yet light enought that it easy to relocate. To keep stains from appearing it is a good idea to clean it often either with a soft brush or spray of the hose.

Wicker patio furniture is chosen by families who want to give a tropical feel to their outdoor patio space. Some use a wicker-metal hybrid in their furniture for additional durability against rough treatment.

Natural Wicker Products Need Constant Mainenance

Natural wicker patio furniture is very susceptible to the elements and should always be put in storage. Real wicker patio furniture does have a much shorter lifespan when left out in the elements. It is a fact that if wicker is kept free of dirt, covered or moved inside when not in use it will give many more years of use.

To help it look great longer wicker patio furniture producers will add a thin layer of paint. For the usual light brown look of wicker, a coating of clear protective material may also be used. In either case, once the homeowner gets it home, they will have to perform regular inspections and maintenance on the wicker patio furniture to keep it looking as good as new.

One of the most often heard concerns is that wicker patio furniture can begin to fray and split on the edges over time. To eliminate this hazard, when and end begins to show signs of coming apart, coating it with a clear lacquer can help hold it together and splitting even more.