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Vintage Metal Patio Furniture Sets

Adding floor space to the home’s living area can easily be accomplished with the right collection of vintage metal patio furniture sets and the right setting.

How much and what type of furniture purchased will be determined by its use and how often a person plans to entertain. They simply need a lounger or a chair to sit quietly and read or they may wish to provide enough metal patio furniture sets for the entire family to use the patio as an extension of the dining room.metal patio furniture image

There are many different types of vintage metal patio furniture sets from the simple folding web chairs to the ones made of aluminum, painted in many various colors with matching tables and umbrellas. Although an metal umbrella may not be necessary if the table is placed on a patio with a roof. Padding for metal patio furniture sets can be anywhere from a thin layer of foam rubber to a heavily-padded seat and back with various material patterns to make it fit better into the home’s landscaping and color scheme.

For most families, rectangular or round table, enough matching chairs for the family and a small condiment table that can double as a drink stand between a couple of chairs will be sufficient collection of vintage metal patio furniture sets for their typical outdoor enjoyment.

Metal Patio Furniture Should Be Protected From The Elements

Most manufacturers of metal patio furniture sets will have numerous pieces in the same color and design. In addition to tables and chairs, they will have lounge chairs, occasional tables and plant stands all the same material and color. The plant stands can be used to add foliage to dress up an otherwise empty patio, or to fill in empty spaces on an open floor.

Most of the vintage metal patio furniture sets can be protected from constant exposure to the elements by applying a moisture barrier, but sunlight will tend to dull metal finishes and wash out material patterns. If possible, keeping the furniture protected when not in use will prolong its useful life and provide many years of service. During winter months, it is probably better to move the furniture sets into a protected area and store the cushions and other materials in moisture, and bug proof plastic.

The larger pieces in the collection of vintage metal patio furniture sets can be covered with outdoor furniture covers, usually sold separately by the manufacturer or with a sturdy piece of plastic. Keeping water from constant contact with the metal will help protect the finish of the vintage metal patio furniture sets as well as the integrity of the metal.