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Toro 1800 Snow Thrower

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 toro snow thrower 1800
If you are looking for a lightweight electric snow blower the Toro 1800 snow thrower is just the ticket. It is easy enough for almost anyone to use. It can clear you driveway in ten to fifteen minutes versus a couple of hours with a shovel. It is capable enough to handle up to eight inches of snow and throw it nearly thirty feet.

Because it is electric, simply plug in the Toro snow thrower and away you go. There are heavier duty gas powered machines that may have more power but they are a lot more inconvenient. Gas machines require a gas, oil and a lot of maintenance.

The Toro 1800 snow thrower is designed with a patented Power Curve System which consists of a curved rotor and funnel-shaped housing. It also has wide rubber paddles that power it forward and clear the snow down to the pavement. It can even remove the hard packed snow the city snow plow pushes up onto your driveway.

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Unless you are experiencing severe blizzard conditions you should be able to clear an average two car driveway that is fifty feet long with the Toro snow blower in just ten minutes. My neighbor bought one for his mother, who is over 6o years old, and I watched her clear her walkway in no time. With the use of a 50-100 foot, 16 gauge outdoor extension cord one could conceivably clear their driveway and walkway without stopping to unplug and re-plug.

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Due to the small and convenient size of the Toro snow thrower, it can maneuver sharp turns and small spaces such as the front porch or back deck or patio. Weighing only twenty-five pounds, it is still powerful enough to clear large areas as well.

The Toro 1800 snow thrower is very reliable in the coldest weather and starts up easily by just squeezing the ergonomically designed trigger and simply releasing it when you want to stop. Therefore you won’t have to prime it or have to pull on a cord to get it started like you have to do with gas powered machines.

The Toro 1800 snow thrower is backed by a two year warranty and comes complete with all the parts needed for assembly and an easy to follow operator’s manual. It promises to throw snow up to thirty feet in one pass and clear a swath up to eighteen inches wide and ten inches deep. In addition, it also can move almost seven hundred pounds of snow per minute. Most of the consumer reviews have given this machine a four and five star rating.