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Taiwan Outdoor Furniture

Taiwan outdoor furniture has been exported from Taiwan for years. Recent competition from China, Mexico and South East Asia has made prices very competitive.

In order to stay competitive in the market Taiwan has had to become efficient in the areas management and manufacturing.  taiwan outdoor furniture image

Whether you choose wicker, wood, bamboo or cast iron the chances are your patio furniture was manufactured in Taiwan. Taiwan outdoor furniture manufacturers have decided to turn their attention to the quality of the product rather than the quanity. They have produced mostly high quality, value added products. China, Vietnam and other countries choose to focus on mass quantities. When you purchase a Taiwan outdoor furniture product it will be one of high quality.

Taiwan is the leader in the manufacturing of plastic furniture. Taiwan outdoor furniture made of plastic is moisture proof, waterproof, and recyclable. It is also sun and insect resistant. The Taiwan outdoor furniture manufacturing principle is to avoid any pollution to the environment and to make products that are recyclable.


Taiwan makes a lot of their products from iron. They are the chief producers of chairs, mesh-top tables, umbrella stands, parasols, flower baskets and hangers made from cast iron. Cast iron outdoor furniture will last for decades.

If you prefer the more elegant and high end patio furniture chances are it is a Taiwan outdoor furniture product. There is nothing better to complete your outdoor garden experience than high quality patio furniture made of cast iron and possibly teak. A lounge chair, or an outdoor wicker rocker and couch set, or a fire pit for your patio made of cast iron will surely impress your most distinguished visitor.