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Stone Pavers

From walkways to swimming pools, from patios to driveways, classic stone pavers are durable paving materials from the cobbled walkways of old Europe.

Stone Pavers are widely used for both residential and commercial flooring projects, such as patios.

However you use them, whether its for a tranquil patio, attention getting driveway, or welcoming front entrance, Stone pavers offer instant charm and lasting curb appeal to your home. For decorative value, hardness, slip resistance, and other advantages, natural stone pavers excel.

Because they are not manufactured, as concrete and brickpavers are, stone pavers have different qualities than concrete andbrick and are often more expensive than their manufactured cousins. The main benefits ofstone pavers are their strength and durability. Combining the right wall systems with your SilkStone pavers will reward you with a beautiful testament to your discriminating style.

Stone pavers have many variations. One variation of this stone Creekstone is lilac in color and comes out of the quarry with natural rivets and a more varied surface. Creekstone The round shape of creekstone makes it an excellent choice for informal walkways within the garden. But avoid creating a patio, a formal walkway, or other high-traffic area from creekstone because these same crevices are places where heels can get caught.





Cobblestones can be made from almost any stone; these particular examples are granite. Cobblestones also come in many different colors, a grayish tone being the most common.

Dimensioned Cut Stone

Dimensioned cut stone has a rough, sand-paper-like texture. The stone undergoes a thermal process to create a texture unlike the polished smooth surface of a countertop. Thermal Bluestone Thermal bluestone undergoes a thermal process, which creates a very flat surface with uniform coloring. Natural stone offers many advantages over other manufactured building materials.

Naturally occurringstone pavers are mined from quarries, or collected from a rockoutcrop.