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Stair Railing Prevents Injury 

Modern architecture has it that stairways are designed differently every time. But one essential feature of any staircase would be the stair railing. We are certain that you have come across stairways that don’t have a stair railing. If no one got injured climbing those – so far, so good on them, until something really goes wrong.


While it is stylist to create stair railing-free stairways, it is also dangerous. This applies double stranded if we are talking about a household that has children or toddlers. If your household is the home for a couple of teenagers, stair railing-free stairways are once again hazardous because teens never walk slowly. They take pleasure in running all the way, even when they are not in an absolute hurry. So if you are concerned about the safety about your children or maybe even an elderly person living with you, it is always a good idea to include a stair railing in the stairway.

If you own commercial property, once again including a stair railing along the stair way would be somewhat of an obligation due to workplace safety requirements. If you happen to lease your commercial property to some company and if one those company employees happen to have an accident due to the stairway not being equipped with a stair railing, you are most likely to be blamed and to get in to some trouble too.

When it comes to types of stair railings available in the market, you have a wide variety of choices. If you feel like a stair railing destroys the architectural elegance of your stairway, there are ways and means to get about it. Although wrought iron stair railings have been in fashion, a few decades back, they have been outdated from the early 80’s to late 90’s. Nowadays however, you could see the wrought iron trends coming back. The wooden and shiny aluminum polls are replaced by iron on balconies and stair railings, no matter what people say about their high maintenance nature.

The sleek, dainty first impression given off by an iron stair railing maybe the reason why many households prefer iron over, wooden bulky structures, to be standing beside their stairways. On the other hand, you may want to access the feasibility aspect of installing a stair railing along your stairway. It is no point having a sleek stair railing, if it cannot be grabbed on to or if it doesn’t provide the correct grip, for a person to avoid an accident or stay safe.