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What Use Are Solar Powered Wind Chimes?

Solar powered wind chimes are actually more of an aesthetic addition to a home or garden rather than for practical purposes.

The concept of solar powered wind chimes is not to get energy from the sun and make the wind chimes create sound with that energy. In fact, the solar power has actually nothing to do with the basic purpose of a wind chime.

Solar Powered Wind Chimes -The Basic Purpose

Wind chimes are supposed to create sound when the wind moves them a bit. There are many different mediums that are used to create wind chimes. Solar powered wind chimes are include din this variety of chimes. The sound that is created by wind chimes can either be light and delicate or soft and heavy, depending on the material used.

The sounds that are created by chimes, including those of solar powered wind chimes, are said to have a very positive effect on the mood of a person. Some sounds are light and tinkling sounds made by glass, ceramic or metal chimes, which can be soothing and relaxing for some. For others it can be uplifting and energizing and for other still it can invoke a sense of well being.

Solar powered wind chimes are so called because they have a light feature that is triggered by darkness. Solar powered wind chimes are equipped with solar panels, batteries, a photo switch and an LED light. The solar panels collect energy from the sun during daylight and store it in the batteries. When it becomes dark, the photo switch is triggered and the LED turns on. Many solar powered wind chimes have the LED in a clear glass or plastic container in the middle of the wind chimes. Solar lighted wind chimes are great to use in low trees where they can be seen when they light up. Different colored solar powered wind chimes look great grouped together in a low tree. You can also opt to have them in the same color if you want.

Feng shui has certain guidelines that clearly state where to put wind chimes. Solar powered wind chimes are included in these wind chimes since it is the placement of the chimes that are important as well as the sound that these create.

Solar powered wind chimes have little difference from ordinary chimes. It is just the presence of the light that makes the difference but the sound they create can be similar.