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Details About The Solar Powered Outdoor Light Fixture

Scientists are working toward the longer-range goal of converting sunlight directly into electricity. The principle itself is not new. We have been using devices based on the photoelectric effect for years.

For example, a photocell in a camera tells the correct lens opening to use for the brightness of the scene before it. The light generates a tiny electric current, which moves a needle on a dial. To scale this up to enough current to do useful work is a formidable undertaking, but one that offers great rewards including the developement of solar powered outdoor light fixtures.

How can light generate electricity in a photocell? The secret lies in the use of a semiconducting element. An element that is a good conductor, such as most metals are, has its electrons very loosely attached to the atoms. They move about freely to carry current. In insulators, the electrons are tightly bound in their orbits, and are not free to move. Semiconductors are in between; the electrons are bound, but not tightly, so that just a little push will free them and let them move about.

Pure silicon is a poor conductor. However, slight amounts of impurities make it a much better conductor. For example, a trace of an element like arsenic, which has five outer electrons, one more than silicon’s four, supplies free electrons to the crystal. Or a little boron, which has only three outer electrons, causes a deficiency.

The missing electrons are called holes. Another electron can easily jump into a hole from an adjacent atom, giving the same effect as if the hole were moving, and a positive current flowing. The first kind of impure silicon is called n-doped silicon, because it has excess electrons (negative). The second kind is called p-doped, because it has excess holes (positive). If these two kinds of silicon are put face to face they form an n-p junction. Electrons will flow in only one direction across this junction. This is the basis of the transistor, which has replaced yesterday’s bulky vacuum tubes with today’s tiny silicon chips. This electric current can be put to work. It is electricity made from sunlight.

The Developments Of Solar Powered Outdoor Light Fixtures

With the many developments noted herein, solar powered outdoor light fixtures production have come into a great polularity at present. Of course, the pricing of solar powered outdoor light fixtures may seem expensive at first but with the right perspective, one could realize the amount of savings that he could get from the fixture later on. Solar powered outdoor light fixtures are now offered in specific stores that could be found online. Begin your search now and never worry of any electric bill woes later on and still be able to advertise your commercial establishment successfully through the night. Choose the right solar outdoor lighting fixtures online through reading through commercial outdoor lighting reviews.