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Solar Post Cap Lights -Sensible Lighting Option

Solar lamp post lights are a new option on the market today, being offered in many different stores and in many different styles and sizes. There are lights that are made to be very decorative and others that are made for utility. Still other lights are made to be a little of both, providing a lot of light to an area while still looking beautiful in the day time hours.


There are solar post cap lights that are not necessarily connected to a post of their own, but are made to be easily attachable to other posts that are already in place in the yard or garden. For instance, these solar post cap lights can be attached to the posts in the corners of the deck behind the home. That way the deck is nicely lit at night without spending any money after the purchase of the lights to do so.

Solar Post Cap Light Styles

There are different styles of these solar post cap lights so that they can match the d├ęcor of any landscape design. There are some that are made in a wrought iron material to fit a more sophisticated yard. There are other solar post cap lights that are made of copper so that they are flashy and beautiful in the morning sun as well as providing the light at night to the yard. There are others that are plainer and made in different colors, the most common of which are black or white.

These solar post cap lights are easy to install and most are made to fit on top of a four by four inch post, which is typical for fencing or deck railings. The solar panel that is in these lights is positioned in the top of the solar post cap light so that it can absorb as much sun as possible during the course of the day.

Since the panel is in the top of the light, it is not easily seen by the individuals that are around it, thus maintaining the beauty of the light while still giving great functionality. Many of these solar post cap lights will have a day/night sensor in them so that when the sun goes down, the light will automatically switch on to give light to that section of the yard.

This saves on bulb life as well, since it is easy to forget that a light is still on in the morning, but the automatic sensor will turn it off and allow the recharging to begin. These lights can cost from about twenty dollars for a small one, to over one hundred dollars, depending on the features that come with it.