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Solar Outdoor Lighting

For decades, solar power has been relegated to role of simple novelty, and until recently, it has not enjoyed mainstream success on any level.

However, it is becoming increasingly popular in the grim face of global warming and rising energy costs. More and more, people are turning to solar power (as well as other alternative energy sources like wind and biofuels) to supplement or entirely replace their consumption of oil. Outdoor lighting is a beautiful addition to any home, but it can use up a substantial amount of electricity each year. By using solar outdoor lighting, you can save up to fifteen percent of your yearly energy needs simply by installing lighting fixtures equipped with solar panels.

Simple, Efficient Design

Solar outdoor lighting is designed to be beautiful but durable. Therefore, it tends to use a simple design to minimize the amount of parts that can potentially break, and because it is all inclusive, it is actually better able to withstand outdoor hazards like extreme weather much better than wired lighting. Because you'll end up paying a little bit more for solar outdoor lighting, you'll get a much sturdier package. Metals like nickel are commonly used instead of the brittle plastics favored by some of the cheaper traditional outdoor lighting systems, meaning these light fixtures look better and last longer than others.

Pervasive Across All Types

Solar powered outdoor lights are quickly replacing traditional, wired devices in the yard. Gone are the days of digging up your yard to install wire, prone to harsh weather, rodents, and other problems. Literally all you have to do is stick the lighting fixtures into the ground, and you are all set. At most, you will need to replace the bulbs once every couple of years, but these are relatively inexpensive to begin with. For the most part, solar powered lighting is cost-free, and you should be able to save a substantial amount of money each year in operational costs.

As if that were not enough, solar powered lighting extends to all aspects of lighting. For example, solar outdoor Christmas lighting is now available, allowing you to save even more money during the holidays. Also using solar panels, you won't have to pay a single cent in electrical costs for these lights. Ultimately, solar powered outdoor lighting can be used to replace all types of traditional outdoor lighting, such as patio lights or awning lights and you can save up to ten to fifteen percent off your energy bill, depending on how much outdoor lighting you currently operate to begin with.