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Light the Way with Outdoor Solar Landscaping Lights

The two most popular choices for illuminating a home, patio or garden are solar landscaping lights and low voltage lighting.

Solar landscaping lights are attractive because they do not require the installation of wires, while low voltage outdoor landscape lighting is also low in cost and easy to install.

The Glowing Appeal of Solar Landscaping Lights

Solar Lights are probably the easiest way to light a pathway or garden. Solar lights store the sun's energy during the day to be released and enjoyed at night. Because solar landscaping lights does not require any wiring, you will not have to tear up your garden or disturb your landscaping.

While solar lighting was quite dim in the past, the newer bulbs used in today’s outdoor solar landscaping lighting provide a surprising amount of light. Newer solar powered lights use bright light-emitting diode (LED), fluorescent, and halogen bulbs, with LED bulbs being the most efficient.

Some bulbs can provide up to ten hours of light after a sunny day. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that solar lights (with their own photocell) will not work in a shady area as their solar cells must receive direct sunlight. However, some models with high quality solar cells will operate on a cloudy day.

There are many styles of solar landscaping lights available today. Tiered solar lights are extremely popular along pathways while lantern style solar lights are more popular in the garden. Torch like solar lights can also be very appealing in a garden, particularly if a globe houses the bulb. Solar spot lights are also available and can be purchased separately or as part of a set.

As a set, a pair of spot lights can share one solar panel, which is placed at a distance. The distance allows the solar panel to receive the right amount of sunlight even if the solar spot lights are in a shaded area. A bigger solar panel will generate more energy and works well to increase the visibility of a home or a walkway, and can also be used to illuminate a tree.

With so many options available, solar landscaping lights should definitely be considered as a night lighting solution, not to mention an environmentally friendly and inexpensive one. And you will also have the flexibility to easily move these fixtures around as needed; no special tools required. Finally, solar lights are shock-less and safe for use around children and pets.