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Solar Landscape Lights

So you've finally got your landscaping project done. You have spent months or years and thousands of dollars into making the perfect outside for your beautiful home.

Then, you realize that you work during the day, and when you get home, there's only an hour or two of daylight left to enjoy all the hard work you've put in outside. So, how do you enjoy your yard at night? Very inexpensively, you can install solar landscape lights to enjoy all the hard work you've done.

Low To No Maintenance

A garden is more than enough work on its own without having to worry about maintaining exterior landscape lighting. What can you do to ensure that you never have to worry about the lighting once you've installed it? One of the newest developments in landscaping technology is the invention of the solar powered lighting fixture. Once you install this fixture, it draws all the power that it'll ever need to run from the sun, and once the sun goes down, these lights will automatically turn on and run off a battery that has been recharging all day. Not only that, but they are incredibly easy to install. In many cases, all you have to do it plant them in the ground, and they will run automatically with no further activation or installation.

Remote Areas Require To Extra Wires

Installing solar landscape lighting in remote areas of the yard only requires mounting the lights on their poles. Making sure the solar cells face to the south to take advantage of the sunlight eliminates the need to have a contractor install a cable several hundred feet into the yard. Around swimming pools, patios or just to mark a path located away from the home, solar landscape lighting can provide the desired illumination in a much shorter time.

Most of the solar landscape lighting is designed to turn on after dark and turn off at sunrise to save the battery power. The solar cells charge the batteries, which operate the lights in the evening. It is like having a flashlight set along the path with rechargeable batteries that are kept at peak charge by the power of the sun.

From a safety standpoint, solar landscape lighting has no wires running underground and can save pets and small children from a minor shock if they become too curious about what is in those pole sticking up from the yard. Additionally, the power for charging the batteries comes from the sun and not the electric company, saving money on the electric bill.