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Solar Lamp Post Lights -The Options

Solar powered lighting for the outdoors is a great option for individuals since they offer advanced products in many different styles and they all run on the sun's power rather than running up the electric bill of the

consumer. Solar powered lighting has come a long way through the years, from the awkward fixtures that needed to have a separate solar panel, to the sleek, decorative lights that are available today.

The great thing is that these models are all very affordable, hardly more than other lighting fixtures that run on traditional power sources, costing from twenty to one hundred dollars, depending on the features that the lighting has and the material that it is made from.

Solar Lamp Post Lights -Securing the Lights

Some of the solar lamp post lights will come with the post as well as the lighting fixture. However, the majority of the solar lamp post lights will be made to fit on top of any post that is already available in the yard, thus increasing the lighting options in the landscape design. These solar lamp post lights will usually fit neatly on top of any four by four inch post.

This size of post is commonly used in fencing as the support post size and is also used in the railings of decks and patios as the corner posts. In this way it can be a deck post solar light, giving plenty of light to the seating area there. It is also easy to buy a piece of wood in that size so that the solar lamp post light can be placed in an area devoid of any other fencing or railing materials. In this way, the lights can be placed at the sides of the driveway to the home, or can be placed by a gazebo or other decorative sitting area in the yard for nighttime enjoyment.

The solar lamp post lights come in a variety of different materials to match the seating and other landscape design features. There are some solar lamp post lights that come in a copper material that shines brightly in the sunlight. There are others that look like a lantern perched on the post, having a black frame and glass sides.

In other versions, the glass in the sides is not clear but opaque, giving a softer look to the light it provides. There are others that have decorations or figures carved into the glass, or the glass can be stained glass so that the light gives off those features when seen at night. It also makes the solar lamp post light look pretty in the daylight hours so that it does not detract from the lawn or garden but adds to it.