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Solar LED String Lights -Bright Lights in the Garden

When individuals are working on creating the garden of their dreams, they will often consider different types of lighting so that the garden can be lit during the night for their enjoyment. There are many different styles of lights, such as lamp posts and string lights, as well as the flood lights that are used for safety.

There are solar powered lights available today that help to reduce the cost of lighting a large yard over the course of the eight hours or more at night when the individuals sleep. Most of these lighting systems will remain at full charge for the full eight hours and then gradually diminish into the wee hours of the morning. This is more than adequate when lighting a yard or garden area and also helps to save on the cost to the environment, since the lights require no other power source other than the sun.

Solar LED String Lights -Bulbs

Solar LED string lights have been becoming more popular on the market today. They can be found for as little as twenty dollars for a short string of them, and can run as high as eighty dollars for a longer string. Solar LED string lights are popular because they can be placed anywhere in the yard that the owner desires. They do not have to be tethered to a power outlet or to an extension cord which is dangerous to have lying across the yard or garden area. Instead, the solar LED string lights can be wrapped around any railing, fence, arbor or tree so that its lights can brighten that area for all to see. The solar LED string lights can also be hung from the roof of a gazebo or other structure to give light to that area.

The outdoor solar string lights have different sized bulbs that go in them. There are some that are larger and more decorative, such as hand blown glass bulbs, and there are others that have more lights per string and use smaller bulbs for a more twinkling effect. Most of the time, the more bulbs there are per string or the more decorative the bulbs are, the more expensive solar LED string lights are. The more expensive versions also have sensors on them that automatically turn the lights on and off depending on the time of day. Some can be set to a particular time and others will sense when the sun goes down and will turn on the string of LED solar lights.