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The Mechanics Of Solar Chimes

Chimes have long been used in Asia as a form of therapy, superstitious belief and entertainment. The thing that influences these beliefs is the sound that the chimes make when they are moved.

The tinkling sound is instrumental to the beliefs and therapy that is supposed to happen when there are chime sin the area. It is just recently that some enterprising people manufacture solar chimes.

The Charm Of Solar Chimes

Solar chimes are chimes that have LED lights installed in them. Solar chimes actually light up and the solar power that is in them do not affect the melodious sound that is produced by them. Most solar chimes have about three or four solar panels installed in them to power the LED when the sky turns dark. This is the charm and beauty of most solar chimes. The garden will be lit up with charming colors originating from the hung solar chimes. Solar wind chimes as they are also called are great for not so windy places as well as in windows.

There are so many varieties of chimes of this design and concept. The basic concept for solar chimes is a small ball, colored, frosted or clear with an LED in the middle. This LED is connected to the solar panels which soak up energy from the sun. A photosensitive switch is installed in solar chimes. A photo sensitive switch can sense when there is less light and automatically turns on the LED light.

On cloudy days, some solar chimes light up on their own due to oversensitivity of their photo switches. Some adjustment can be done to the photo switch to discourage over sensitivity. Some solar panel sets can store about six to eight hours of power for an LED light. The bigger the panels, the more energy can be stored.

Solar chimes are quite attractive, especially at night, when they are placed as a group. These can be hung in different heights or strung on a line. Another suggestion for attractive solar chimes is to buy either the same color or different colors and place them in a single tree. You can also try to purchase different sizes and place these in a group.

The life span of solar chimes will depend on the quality of chimes you have bought. Some items may have shorter spans of life due to them being tried out or having faulty solar panels. It may be a good idea to purchase chimes with a warrantee.