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The Small Japanese Garden Design for Your Home

In modern times, the Japanese have utilized the smallest of spaces to create a garden. The garden may consist of merely meticulously organized stones, a reclining bonsai including a small plant. Yet how about people residing in condos or apartments? How do they appreciate the satisfaction of owning their personal garden? This is when a small Japanese garden design enters the scene.


Can you imagine some mountain and sea scenery on a small tray measuring about 20 by 12 inches? This is called bonkei, which means “miniature landscape on a tray.” Here we have a small rock, some 10 centimeters (4 inches) high, shaped like a mountain and sloping down to rugged cliffs and an island-dotted sea complete with white-crested waves. There are even boats and fishermen with hair-thin fishing lines.

Or, the scene may be Mount Fuji capped with snow and below it a miniature house with thatched roof and tiny sliding doors. Another model is a garden complete with lantern, shrubs and trees no more than three centimeters (about an inch) high. In these tray gardens the seas, rivers and ponds are made of sand. Yet they are so realistic that the apartment dweller can enjoy an ocean view or a pastoral scene even in his small front entrance.

Bonsai is yet another art in which the Japanese excel. These are plants and small trees that are maintained at miniature proportions by careful pruning of branches and stems. A grove of maples may be growing in a shallow pot small enough to hold in the palm of one’s hand. Or, a tiny pine tree 20 inches high may turn out to be 120 yrs old. These miniaturized plants and trees in many cases are passed down through one generation to another and so are regarded as family treasures.

Use of Modern Small Japanese Garden Design as Objects of Fascination in Your Home

Modern city homes today could be noted for their small size, it could not be denied that these particular areas are to be better used by the homeowners as primary areas of attraction and relaxation. Certainly, with the creation of small Japanese garden design to get along with the small area designs of the said homes, the ambiance of the entire place would become lively and more livable home. The small Japanese garden design is sure to liven up the area and better bring in natural ambiance and an essence of relaxation to the ones living within the area. Yes, modern homes are likely most deserving to have the chance to enjoy the existence of small Japanese garden design presentations within their midst. With ample consideration given to the Japanese garden design plan to be utilized for the creation of the said miniature gardens, small Japanese garden designs are sure to make a great impact on the environment that the house has.