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Suggestions For A Small Garden Landscape Design

Gardens can really add to the beauty of the home. Not all houses have the capacity to have a large garden. Small garden landscape design ideas work well for outdoor gardens with just a few square meters of space or a pocket garden in the house.

Pocket gardens are small patches of earth and soil that some architects add to their design to make the home more cozy and natural. Small garden landscape design is applicable to pocket gardens but the home owner can actually do this himself since the garden may be too small to actually have a lot of options for it such as water fixtures or stone fixtures.

Small Garden Landscape Designs For Outdoor And Indoor Gardens

Outdoor gardens will always have more choices compared to indoor gardens, especially the smaller ones. Small garden landscape design for a small outdoor garden can actually have a lot of the elements of the bigger outdoor garden as long as it is downsized to a rational size. There are a lot of choices that the home owner may have for a small garden landscape design. These choices include what plants to use and what fixtures to add. For a rock garden landscape design, which may not require plants or just a minimum of plants, sand and gravel as well as rocks will suffice.

Plants for use with a small garden landscape design should be slow growing plants and those with smaller leaves. If your outdoor garden is larger than ten square meters, then you can opt for plants that are typically used for larger gardens. Smaller gardens can use smaller plants although there are actually no hard and fast rules regarding this. Indoor gardens can also have pathways which are defined by gravel or sand. Home owners can choose whether to define the gravel path with short hedges or some flowering shrubs even f the pathway is just a few meters or feet.

Adding water fixtures or any other kind of fixture, to the small garden landscape design must be considered before doing so. There are many fixtures that can be suited for a smaller garden. Choices range from stone lanterns (that really work), small fountains or waterfalls for the wall, ponds and maybe even bird cages. Trellises and arbors can also be added for both outdoor and indoor gardens. These can be used for their true purpose of showing the entrance or just being an alcove where a love seat can be placed under.