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Small Garden Design Ideas

A garden can be a wonderful and peaceful retreat. However, some people do not have room for large garden where they can plant their favorite flowers and outdoor plants.

Instead of simply not having a garden at all, why not think about doing a small garden design. A small garden design will implement the plants and flowers you love so much in a smaller fashion than you might be used to. Here are some small garden design ideas to help get you started.

Small Garden Design Ideas -Keep It Simple

When you have something that is very little, simplicity is key. If you have a large garden, you can implement many different design ideas and concepts and still leave the garden looking beautiful. A small garden design, however, has to be simple. If it is not simple, because it is so small it can start to look extremely cluttered. Instead of having a retreat in your own yard, you will have a confusing mess that is not relaxing at all. Try picking one color or flower to work with. If you base your entire design off of that, then you should be able to keep the garden simple and cohesive.

Front Or Back?

You need to design where you want your small garden to be. A small front garden design is going to be different than a small back garden design. A small garden design in the front of your house needs to be a little more reserved than a back garden. You will need to work with your front porch, any sidewalks, and any walkways that you may have in your front yard. If you do a small garden design in the backyard, you’ll be able to really go all out on whatever it is that you want.

Choosing A Design

If you feel overwhelmed by looking for a small garden design, try not to feel that way! Look at some magazines in your local grocery store or department store. There are countless home and garden magazines out there that you can look at for ideas. In addition, you can also look at gardens in your area. If any of your friends have garden design ideas, they may be willing to share them with you. If you are still at a loss for an idea for a small garden design, try looking on the internet. Search for small garden design ideas and see what you find. If you find something you like, bring it to your local garden center and ask how it can be implemented in the space you have.