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Small Garden Design For A Small Space

If you live in an apartment, a condo, a townhome, or any home where you do not have much yard space, you may think that having a garden is not a possibility.

After all, space is a necessity for a garden. However, contrary to what you may believe about gardens, there are plenty of garden design ideas for small spaces. Finding a small garden design for a small space is not as difficult as you might think.

Small Garden Design -Local Nurseries And Home And Garden Stores

Some of the best resources can be found at local nurseries and home and garden stores. Home and garden stores are great, but sometimes they cannot be as helpful with garden designs for small spaces. Many of these stores are parts of larger chain stores, like Wal Mart, and the employees are only knowledgeable about the items for sale.

However, if you have a home and garden store near you that is locally owned and operated or is not part of a larger chain store, you may be able to find some valuable and useful information on a small garden design. In addition, most local nurseries are locally owned and operated and the owner as well as the employees are highly knowledgeable on small garden designs. Occasionally you can even find a nursery worker or owner who would be willing to come out to your home, survey the area you have for your garden, and give you some garden designs for your small space that are individually catered to your needs.

Magazines And Garden Publications

Another great resource for finding garden designs for small spaces is a magazine or a garden publication. There are countless home and garden magazines out there, and there are even some publications that are completely centered around garden designs for small spaces. If you can find one of these magazines or publications that cater towards small garden designs you are in luck!

However, if you cannot find one of these magazines that are specifically for a small garden design, you can still use the other magazines. Even though they have many designs for larger gardens, there may be some garden designs for small spaces in there as well. If there are not any designs for small spaces, there may be some garden designs that you can use anyway. If you do not feel comfortable adapting a larger garden plan to your small garden space, talk a professional and see what they can do for you!