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Retractable Patio Awnings

Protected by Retractable Awnings ? you can enjoy all the outdoors has to offer! Now you can be outside to enjoy all the fun warm weather brings, without exposure to direct sun and harmful UV rays.

Retractable patio awnings come in two types ? Manual ones are extended by hand while motorized awnings can be extended with a push of a button. Retractable patio awnings can be designed to cover a length of 50 feet or more and extend out over 12 feet. These quality covers do not require column construction. Most patio awnings are made from durable, hard-wearing fabrics and are rated for sun protection.

The patio awning is an addition to your house that allows you to control weather whims. Regardless if it is hot and sunny or windy and rainy, you will not be forced to get inside any more as within less than a minute you can get either partial or full shade and protection from the sun and high temperatures. The protection offered by a patio awning functions also in the direction of ultraviolet radiation. A patio awning is also efficient in wet weather. Thus the generous cover of the patio awning will prevent your outdoor plans from becoming a failure. Nobody under the patio awning will get wet and neither will the patio furniture. A sun setter patio awning retracts back against the house allowing you full use of the patio, a function that cannot be found in any fixed roof, porch/patio or permanent shade-creating structure.

In the last ten years, the popularity of retractable patio awning models has grown tremendously, especially among Americans. Besides the protection offered to people by the waterproof fabric, it also protects the patio furniture, the flower pots, the lanterns and whatever there is there on the porch. The patio awning even protects your indoor carpets and rugs, drapes and curtains and furniture from fading because of exposure to the sun.

Just the turn of a crank or the flip of a switch turns your deck or patio into an attractive and comfortable outdoor retreat. For this reason, retractable awnings should not be considered a way to completely protect outdoor furniture, but rather a way to minimize fading of furniture and carpet from sun damage. Retractable patio awning can be enjoyed year round by your entire family. They are an ideal way of protecting you and your family from heat and harmful UV rays of the sun. You'll enjoy them now, and you'll appreciate the value they add to your home should you ever go to sell.