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Recycled Glass Wind Chimes -Making Use Of Glass Trash

Glass is a recyclable product that many people can make use of. Recycled glass wind chimes are just one of the many products that can be made from old glass that has been trashed already.

There are many different types of recycled glass wind chimes and the beauty of this is that they do not cost much at all.

Kinds Of Recycled Glass Wind Chimes

The more common and easy to make recycled glass wind chimes are those that are fashioned from old wine bottles of different colors. You can also opt for a colored theme with which the color is of the same family such as green, ranging from light to dark green. The things that you will need to make recycled glass wind chimes are a glass cutter, kiln, string and a base from which to hang the recycled glass pieces.

Many people just cut out the wine bottles according to the body of the bottle, resulting to circles of glass. These circles are then placed in the kiln to dull the rims and edges for safety as well as enough consistency to bore a hole into the circle in which a string can be tied. This kind of recycled glass wind chimes are probably the easiest to make since there is no shaping required and maybe just a little flattening.

More complicated kinds of recycled glass wind chimes are those that go through a shaping process to make a panel of glass or elongated piece of glass. These glass panels are hung from the base and left to hit each other when the wind blows. They also make a light tinkling sound as they hit each other. Another choice when making recycled glass wind chimes is to shape the recycled glass into leaves, fish and other flat, elongated objects and let these hang.

Oriental glass wind chimes can be made from recycled glass but there may be a bit more work to this since most traditional Chinese and Japanese wind chimes are rounded or bell shaped with a corresponding rod hanging from the center. There are other forms of oriental inspired chimes and these are several panels of glass hanging at similar lengths.

Making use of old glass for recycled glass wind chimes can help the environment by keeping trash to a moderate level. Clear transparent glass can be colored as it is being melted in the kiln so there is no problem with attaining colored glass.