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Professional Landscape Lighting For The Home

Outdoor landscape lighting has come a long way. Current trends include using professional landscape lighting to extend living space, and as an artistic way to showcase a home and property after dark.

There are certainly many options available these days, with outdoor solar landscape lightning and low voltage lighting being very popular choices. Properly placed lights can add a lot of flare to your landscaping; but a well lit house is also more safe and secure.

Professional Landscape Lighting -Creatively Lighting the Outdoors

Professional landscape lighting is truly an art; and determining where the focal points are can be a challenge. A less-is-more philosophy should be used with a focus on the effects of the lighting and not the source. It may be worthwhile to work with a lighting professional, especially if you plan to invest in an elaborate lighting scheme. professional landscape lighting should produce soft, natural light, similar to the moon. Ideally the light fixture should not be visible, unless it is decorative, and it can be concealed behind shrubs, tree branches or other foliage.

Styles available today vary greatly from large overhead floodlights to small accent lights that can be used to highlight specific features. While pure white light is the most popular, some color can be introduced if done properly. Warm yellows, reds, and greens work well, with green really bringing some foliage to life.

In addition to styles and colors, there are three methods that can be used to highlight your landscaping with light from non-visible sources. “Uplighting” can provide definition and texture and is accomplished by shining a light up on a tree or statue. “Downlighting” is often used for security reasons, but can also have a moonlight effect. Downlighting is achieved by hanging a light source in a tree or from the rooftop. Finally, perhaps the most artistic method is “shadowing”. Placing a spot or flood light at ground level and in front of an object will produce a shadow, which itself becomes the decorative highlight. A combination of effects can also work well to showcase your home and landscaping.

The cost of professional landscape lighting can vary greatly, and you may want to consider installing your landscape lighting in phases. If this is the case, you should consider running all the power in initial phase, thereby only disrupting the landscape once. You can also start by adding a few patio lanterns and later highlight architectural features and garden focal points using a variety of outdoor landscape lights. With the right planning, you can add the right lighting that is both functional and very aesthetically pleasing.