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Patio Umbrellas

Specially Designed 9 ft Patio Umbrella Cover

9-Foot Patio Market Umbrella - Windbrella 9-Foot Patio Umbrella - Beige

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When using an uncovered patio, the sun may get to be too much or a little drizzle may ruin everything left sitting on the table. However, patio umbrellas can protect the table and anything underneath if from getting wet or burned by the sun. The size of the patio umbrellas needed, will depend on the size of the table as well as the number of chair the user wants to place underneath. From five-foot round market umbrellas to 12-foot wide umbrellas, is are a use and size for all budgets.

Most outdoor tables are designed with a hole in the center of the top through which patio umbrellas can be inserted. The bottom of the umbrella will need to be anchored into an umbrella stand to prevent it from slipping sideways and crashing down on the heads of those seated at the table. These weighted stands can also be fastened to the patio umbrellas to prevent them from blowing away in a stiff breeze.

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Many people prefer a patio umbrella that tilts to allow them to adjust it to the angle of the sun. Most can be readily rotated but if it does not allow for angle adjustments, it will only be good during period when the sun is directly overhead.

For the most part, manufacturers of outdoor furniture will make patio umbrellas to match the material on the chair cushions. While the metal or wood of the chairs and table may all be similar, it is the fabric’s design of the chair pads that normally match the patio umbrellas.

Most of the umbrellas are fitted with a water-resistant canvas fabric that breathes well and is resistant to rot. However, if the material of the patio umbrella gets wet it needs to be opened and allowed to dry to prevent the formation of mold and mildew, a common problem with canvas umbrellas.

The patio umbrella will also need cleaned occasionally to remove any residue from surrounding trees. Typically, squirting them off with a garden hose will be sufficient but in cases of heavy dirt an debris, it may be necessary to scrub them down with a light cleaner and soft brush.