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Patio Umbrella Lights

Electric patio umbrella lights consist of a series of bulb receptacles connected by wire, a plug connected to one end of the wire, and a switch.

Typical household light bulbs are screwed into the receptacles. By choosing Patio Umbrella Lights for your patio umbrella, you add to the umbrella's many advantages because now you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces well into the night. Patio umbrella lights provide a soft glow of light in any backyard setting.They are the most economical way to spruce up a dull backyard. Your family will enjoy the extended time under the stars and your guests will enjoy seeing your backyard in a whole other light.

These Patio Umbrella Lights illuminate the area under your patio umbrella to make summer nights brighter without inconvenient extension cords or hazardous torches. The patio light unit slides snugly around your umbrella's pole.

Patio umbrella lights are available in low voltage model which includes 18 watt wedge base bulbs, 25ft. Both have on/off switch and can be mounted in globe up or globe down position. If your yard is small, a bulb should be enough to light its area. You can simply place it at the top of the umbrella pole. Includes replacement bulbs & fuses and a convenient extra outlet on the plug. UL listed for Outdoor or indoor use.

Unlike many lights, LED lights don't attract most insects, and they last years longer than ordinary bulbs. This patio umbrella light clamps to any pole with a diameter of up to 1 1/2 inches, and a mounting bracket is even included for wall mounting. The light sockets 51 are conventionally coupled to an electric wire or power cord 52 also including anon/off and dimmer switch 53 and provided with electric light bulbs 54. The power cord 52 extends through a hole in the base plate 27 and terminates in a conventional electric plug. Nor will you need to waste hours trying to find a faulty bulb; one defective light won't cause them all to go out. In fact, the only thing you'll need to worry about is whether you've got enough ice for your drink.

The internal battery provides up to five hours of continuous illumination on a six hour charge, and the compact bulbs are rated to last up to 30,000 hours--over 20 years at an average of four hours per night. The built-in self-adjusting clamp fits poles from 1 3/8" to 2". Each bulb has amazing life expectancy and fits most umbrella poles. If one bulb happens to go out, the rest remain lit. Listed for attachment to a patio umbrella and outdoor use, it is designed so if one bulb burns out the rest of the lights remain lit. While these umbrella lights may draw everybody's attention at your next party, its diffused lighting ambiance will not attract most flying insects.