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Patio Umbrella

Specially Designed 9 ft Patio Umbrella Cover

9-Foot Patio Market Umbrella - Windbrella 9-Foot Patio Umbrella - Beige

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If you are not the type that enjoys sitting in the direct sun then a patio umbrella may be what you need. Sitting outdoors on the patio can be a relaxing experience, whether reading or trying to take a nap, but it can quickly become uncomfortable if the sun is shining on a warm summer day. Protecting your skin from the sun can help prevent a bas case of sunburn as well as the development of melanoma. The little shade provided by a patio umbrella can make it more enjoyable to sit outside.

Most outdoor tables are designed with a hole in the center of the top through which patio umbrellas can be inserted. The bottom of the umbrella will need to be anchored into an umbrella stand to prevent it from slipping sideways and crashing down on the heads of those seated at the table. These weighted stands can also be fastened to the patio umbrellas to prevent them from blowing away in a stiff breeze.

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The stands are used to keep patio umbrellas in an upright position, especially when opened, but also keep them upright when collapsed. Making sure the umbrella is secure will not only protect the investment in the umbrella and table, but will alos protect user from injury.

For the most part, manufacturers of outdoor furniture will make patio umbrellas to match the material on the chair cushions. While the metal or wood of the chairs and table may all be similar, it is the fabric’s design of the chair pads that normally match the patio umbrellas. 

Most of the umbrellas are fitted with a water-resistant canvas fabric that breathes well and is resistant to rot. However, if the material of the patio umbrella gets wet it needs to be opened and allowed to dry to prevent the formation of mold and mildew, a common problem with canvas umbrellas.

When a person buys outdoor furniture in a prepackaged set, the table and chairs will all match in color and style and most manufacturers include patio umbrellas as part of the package. However, if the umbrellas in not included, matching patio umbrellas are usually available, if not from the retailer, then directly from the manufacturer. It is always best to buy them at the same time so then entire set ages at the same rate.