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Patio String Lights

Though a great many barbecues and backyard cookouts are planned for daytime hours, many are also planned for evening hours if there is good lighting on the patio.

Patio lighting is for more than just being able to see, it also sets the mood for the whole evening. Patio string lights can add a lot to the ambiance of the occasion. They can add enough light to see without being a distraction.

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What Direction To Take

There are several ways to go with patio string lights. You can decide to use one type of lights all the time or use a different set of lights for different occasions. You can even use a combination. Use your imagination and create a wonderland of lighting with string lights.

Very popular types of patio string lights used by many people are the clear, mini lights. These can be used for any occasion and can be wrapped easily around posts, used as awning lights in trees, shrubs, etc. They also frequently provide the basic lighting with special occasion lighting added as accents. For special effects that go well with any occasion, different colors of mini lights can be used to accentuate different parts of your patio. For example, the clear lights can be wrapped around posts, green lights strung in trees and shrubs while blue lights are strung overhead.

Choosing Patio String Lights For The Occasion

There are many special occasion patio string lights available that are specifically made for patios. Hawaiian or beach themed lights, Independence Day themed lights, Mexican fiesta themed lights, birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. can be found. Whatever your theme for a barbecue is, theme lights can be found to make it special. With all the patio string lights available, you may end up with a wide variety to use for many different occasions.

If you plan to change your patio string lights for different occasions, a quick, easy way to change them should be set up from the start. This is fairly easy to do with the use of clips made for this purpose. Consider the different patterns you might want to use at different times and place the clips accordingly. Once the clips are in place, changing the lights will be easy and quick. Have extra clips available as they may need to be replaced from time to time.

As with all things electric, safety needs to be a number one consideration. Make sure that any patio string lights you purchase are approved for outdoor use. Also make sure not to overload the circuits by connecting too many strings together. If you plan to use a lot of strings, make sure you have sufficient electrical outlets available without easy reach to handle them without having extension cords where they can be tripped over. Check the strings of lights regularly for fraying or broken wiring. Not only will lights with worn wiring not work right, but they are a fire hazard.


Patio string lights can turn an ordinary patio into a magical wonderland at night. Sometimes, you just might want to sit on your patio on a warm summer evening and enjoy the twinkling of your patio lights as you sip your favorite iced beverage. Light up your imagination, and then light up your patio with patio string lights.