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The Beauty and Versatility of Patio Stones

A great way to enhance an outdoor area is with landscaping designs, using manmade or natural patio stones.

These stones come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and colors depending on the look you want. This means if you wanted a bold design, something contemporary or traditional, or even a whimsical look, you could achieve it depending on the patio stones chosen. The great thing is that patio stones can be used to build a walkway, cover a large patio, or used as borders to enhance a specific area. To create a unique look, you could also add plastic, wood, or even other types of stones. Now, based on the shape of the patio stones, the installation process would be easy or hard. If you want to do the installation then we suggest you stick with rectangular or square. However, for a more dramatic look, you might consider hiring a professional to install curvilinear or circular patio stones.

You will find that patio stones are sold in a raw state or precut. If raw, the stones would need to be finished. It is also important that you consider the thickness of patio stones in that again, if the thickness varies, installation would be hard. For a do-it-yourself project, you will need certain tools to install patio stones. These tools would include a chisel, level, chipping hammer, shovel, pick, string line, protective goggles and gloves, and a choice of edging material.

Before you get started with the installation process, it is important that the area be prepared. That way, the patio stones will be secure, providing beauty for years. Additionally, some types of patio stones are harder to work with than others are. For instance, manmade stones, also called pavers or paving blocks, are designed with an interlocking system. Therefore, putting these patio stones together and without the need for mortar makes this an easy option. On the other hand, natural stones are much more beautiful but installing them is going to take more time and effort, not to mention more money for the purchase of the stones.

Often, the area on which the patio stones will be installed is prepared with a sand layer. Once the sand is down, a tool would be used to level the sand, helping it settle so the patio stones will have a better surface on which to adhere. As far as the spacing in between the stones, you have numerous choices, again depending on the look you want. For this, you can fill the void with special mortar, clay, sand, or simply allow fresh moss to grow for a cottage look. Just as choosing the right patio stones and completing the right installation is important, filling in the spaces is also critical in that this creates a strong and durable surface that will last for years.