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Patio Stone Designs

To transform the current look and functionality of your patio space, you should consider stone designs. Today, the number of patio stone designs is truly amazing. People are adding stone to the floor to create a

PatioShoppers.com - Outdoor Furnishings Specialty Shopbeautiful area for sitting or entertaining, stone on the walls for a rich, beautiful change, etc. Stone, which comes in so many options, can make any patio area simply stunning.

Before choosing from just any patio stone designs, you need to consider a number of factors.  For instance, there is natural versus faux stone so the question becomes, which is best.  Typically, natural stone patio is the ideal solution, giving your patio area a beautiful appearance but lasting a lifetime.  On the other hand, faux stone in today’s market is affordable while providing many of the same benefits you would find with natural stone.

Additionally, patio stone designs using natural stone will ensure you have a look that complements any environment. That means regardless of your space, the home’s architectural features, and the backyard landscaping, natural stone will blend beautifully. The only downside to using natural stone is cost but if you were ever to sell your home, you would quickly find that patio stone designs with natural stone will increase the overall value of the home.

Then, the big decision for patio stone designs is which stone to use. For starters, limestone is a popular choice, which usually comes in earthy tones that fit in with anything. Most often, limestone will have special characteristics such as swirling or flecking, which is a gorgeous and natural choice. Although one of the newer options for patio stone designs, limestone is well worth the consideration.

Next is granite, which is available in wonderful colors. With new finish options, this type of natural stone still has many of the beautiful characteristics but on a more subdued level. For this reason, granite looks gorgeous when used for an outdoor area. While granite is a great possibility for patio stone designs, it can become slippery when wet so this needs to be considered.

Slate has long been used on the inside of the home but it has been discovered that for patio stone designs, it is one of the best materials to use. Available in wonderful colors and sizes, slate will last a long time and enhance the outdoor environment. Often, slate is also more affordable than some of the other options used for patio stone designs.

 Other materials that you might think about for patio stone designs include marble and travertine.  Although marble is not used on the outside as much as it is on the inside of the home, there are advantages.  For travertine, this is like marble but with tiny holes, which is great for creating a beautiful and unique outdoor area. The key is looking at all your options for patio stone designs and then looking at your budget to determine what fits best.