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A Patio Heater Can Be Used Year Round

There are very few restaurants with outside dining that do not own a patio heater. These heaters have become a staple for any type of patio dining. In the southern states they are used October through February. The mountain states use them every month except December through February when there is too much snow to sit outside.

States that have year round nice weather use them consistently. Northern states also skip most of the winter months for obvious bad weather reasons. Patio heaters are used mainly in the evening hours for most of these states and provide the warmth and comfort needed for outside dining on a chilly evening.

The Style

There are many different styles of patio heaters that restaurants use. There are overhead heaters that provide heat and there are stand alone heaters that also provide electric heat. The most popular type of patio heater is the heater that stands alone and is basically a gas torch with a cover for safety. These very tall patio heaters emit a lot of heat and can also be regulated to emit the exact amount of heat that you need. You don’t want to sunburn your customers, you just want to keep them warm and cozy.

This particular patio heater is one that could also be purchased for your own patio. It is nondescript enough that it can look like it belongs on your patio. Those cool November nights can be very pleasant gazing at the stars with a patio heater to keep you warm. It is a great thing to have for dinner parties in the winter when people need to wander outside to have a smoke. At least you are trying to keep your guest comfortable even though you are asking them to go outside to cater to their tobacco needs.

Unusual Heaters

A small open flamed fire in a grate can also be considered a patio heater. There are many of these innovative fire pits on the market today and many of them are sitting in our backyards. The disadvantage to these fire pit patio heaters is the smoke factor. If there is any type of breeze, the smoke will change direction and so will your chair unless you enjoy a face full of smoke. But this particular type of patio heater provides coziness for a family that does not have a fireplace inside. You can teach the children how to build a small fire safely and how to extinguish one safely. These patio heaters are also a great way to roast marshmallows.