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Patio Furniture Cushions

One of the most relaxing spots in today's homes is the patio. Some patio furniture cushions are exposed to the elements while others may be located in a covered patio area.

Manufacturers of patio furniture cushions create products that are different in many ways and not all are weather resistant. Your patio and cushions and furniture are adversly effected by weather elements such as sun, rain and snow.

Tips For Maintaining Patio Furniture Cushions

In an effort to keep your patio cushions looking great you may want to consider storing them when not in use. This can be very taxing on your part especially if the furniture cushions are large. Storage space for your patio furniture cushions is necessary to protect them from harsh weather conditons.

Another way is to provide an umbrella or a shade in order to shelter the patio furniture cushions. This shade will also provide a place for people to sit and relax from the sun and rain. Patio umbrellas are a decorative and practical way to provide protection from the sun and can be set in a wind resistant stand.

Many patio furniture makers have created products that can weather the sun, heat and cold rather well. The foam and the fabric covering are often made to withstand the elements. One of the better furniture fabric manufacturers is Sunbrella. These are made of weather resistant materials that can last for years. There is a wide range of fabrics available to compliment almost any patio decor.

The new Sunbrella fabrics are available in two styles, the stiffer awning style and the more plyable furniture style. Patio furniture cushions usually are covered with lighter fabric where as the stiffer fabric is used for shade shelters such as umbrellas, and awnings. The brand is highly recommended as able to last long even with exposure to the elements. 

Most outdoor patio furniture cushions have been weather treated by the manufacturer but is not you may want to spray a protective substance. To keep your cushions looking bright and clean that can be washed when necessary.