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Patio Furniture Covers Protect Outdoor Investment

Even the least expensive patio furniture can require a hefty investment and protecting it with patio furniture covers can make it last longer. Similar to covers for other outdoor equipment, the type of material used can protect it or cause it harm in the long run. You also have to keep it clean and dry to prevent the covers from being ruined by mold. While plastic patio furniture covers prevent any water from getting to the furniture, if it is covering wood furniture, it can lead to dry rot.

Moisture will remain in and on furniture when covered and if there is no air getting through the moisture will damage the materials. Even canvas umbrella tops have been known to rot due to excess moisture if they remain covered while damp. The best material for use with patio furniture covers is canvas as it does breath, allowing the excess moisture to escape into the air, drying the material of which it is made.

Another material commonly used for patio furniture covers is vinyl, which is waterproof and since they slip over the top leaving the bottom of the furniture open, they are considered breathable and less damaging for long-term use. Most fasten over or around the furniture using Velcro straps, but some tie together to hold them in place.

Protecting Covers Equally Important

If the patio furniture covers begin to wear they can allow damage to the furniture they are designed to protect. Ideally, not only should they be waterproof, they should also be treated for protection against ultraviolet light. Bright sunlight can quickly cause materials to fade as well as rot at the seams, and protecting the outer surface of the patio furniture covers will protect the furniture longer.

Buying custom made patio furniture covers may include pieces that either zip or snap together to cover a patio table as well as the umbrella while it remains in place on the table. Not everyone has sufficient storage space for their furniture in the garage or basement and leaving it outside in their only option. Using patio furniture covers will help it last through the warranty period.

Depending on the material and manufacturer, three years is about the average life of patio furniture covers and replacing them when they show signs of wear will be considerably cheaper than replacing the furniture. Consider the cost of patio furniture covers as an investment in protecting the investment of the outdoor furniture.