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Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures typically referred to as "non-inhabitable structures," in the past have had walls often formed with honeycombed cores between a weather resistant exterior panel and an interior surface.

The interior surface might comprise a panel of spackle and paint Sunrooms normally come with a limited warranty and are designed to be attractive, dependable, durable and energy effective,. Glass pool and patio enclosures (sunrooms) allow you to utilize your pool or patio year-round.

Screen Type Patio Enclosure

A screened patio enclosure is one that can be quickly converted from a summer screen room to a winter patio enclosure with amazing ease, making this type of patio enclosure perfect for those with a tight schedule. The screened patio enclosures utilizes construction components such as beams and posts/columns. In particular it translates into columns, and beams which posses a changing load strength which often incorporates decorative elements for the main contruction materials. Screen Houses and Screened Patio Enclosures offer a summer of relaxation in cool, insect free comfort. Designed to match every home landscaping and lifestyle, these fun additions to your summer living are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Since most patio enclosures are able to be confined and closed up, your patio can also be used in the winter months providing a climate controlled sanctuary that can be like any other space in your home.

Glass Type Patio Enclosures

All weathered glass patio enclosures are warmed even by the coldest month's sun. They enable you to enjoy the comfort of a solar heated outdoor environment. Carpet , electricity, ceiling fans and even heat to make your patio enclosure usable all year long.

Alternative To Room Additions

You can add substantial value to your house by the additon of patio enlosures, conservatories or sunrooms all of which are great altenatives to the more costly room additions. These type of additons will give the home owner solutions that will satisfy their budget and space limits.

Because of its durability and low maintaince features vinyl is often times the material of choice for patio enclosures. Vinyl is used more often than any of the other products on the market for construction of sunrooms and patio enclosures.

A patio addition will bring new life to your home with windows, sunrooms, patio enclosures, doors, patio covers, texcote, and siding. Stand-alone screened patio enclosures and 3-sided patio enclosure additions are all available in kit form.