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Patio Door Blinds 

Patio doors can be one of the most difficult windows in the home to cover. Family and friends enter and exit through your patio doors several times a day and whatever window treatment you decide upon should

be very durable and easy to operate. If you are considering patio door blinds you have a wide variety to choose from. They are available in vertical and horizontal, in cloth, wood or plastic and in solid colors for room darkening or in a transparent material to allow some light through.  patio door blinds image

Vertical Blinds

The vertical patio door blinds available today are quite different from those you may find in your grandmother’s condo. These new patio door blinds have several innovative features. One of these features that make them perfect for a patio door is that they come with two moveable side rails with locking handles for ease of operation; this allows the shade stack to be positioned on the right, left or in the center which is great for wide windows and patio doors. The “headrail” installs easily on brackets mounted to your ceiling, wall or sliding door frame.

Horizontal Blinds

As with the vertical blinds, there have been improvements and additions in the fabrics and styles available today in horizontal patio door blinds. They come in wood, faux wood, natural woven shades and double celled fabric shades for added insulation and security. They are easy to install and can be done yourself. One of the conveniences of horizontal shades for your patio door blinds is that when they are raised completely they are almost invisible.

Enclosed Patio Door Blinds

Another option for patio door blinds for the “do-it-yourself” types are enclosed patio door blinds. These blinds come ready made and are available in a few select sizes, mostly for French doors rather than sliding. They are sturdy and easy to install, no tools needed! They simply snap into magnetic brackets that adhere securely to any metal or fiberglass door or window. These patio door blinds are enclosed with tempered glass so there is no dusting or cleaning required. They can be found at your local home improvement center where there is usually someone on staff to give you a few tips on installation if you need them.


Whatever style you decide to purchase having the precise measurements is of vital importance. You may feel more comfortable having a window treatment professional visit your home. They can recommend the appropriate patio door blinds for your home and take all the proper measurements.

Patio door blinds are decorative and functional and will add value to your home. They also increase privacy with fingertip ease as well as improving the energy efficiency by controlling the light and UV penetration.

Finding the best product for the best value is every bargain shopper’s dream. You can search on-line and compare prices or visit your local window covering or home improvement center to see what is available and what may be currently on sale.