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Patio Design

To find a patio design that blends well with a house will require some careful research and planning. In a lot of cases the home design will restrict and may overide the design you come up with, but normally

with the use of brick and concrete some type of design will work and make your home more appealing and look larger. Often times thought the patio design will give your home that bigger and more appealing appearance, due to the existing room layout will render the design unworkable.

This might be problematic for homes that are ranch style in appearance with bedrooms on the side of the house where you might want to design a patio. Very few people would want their bedroom fronting the patio, no matter how well the patio design fit into the house’s appearance. The patio entry should come from the home. Having a patio door exit from the bedroom is not adequate for a lot of people who own homes.

If the bedroom is normally not used, converting to another use may make it OK to have the patio entry installed there, but it may be better to find a patio design that does not interfere with the existing layout. The best and most practical design will allow a direct access between the kitchen and patio area, even if they are at different levels.

Keeping Dirt Out Of Main House

Tracking dirt into the kitchen from someone wearing dirty shoes is much preferable to tracking dirt to the living roomj carpet. With access restricted to just the kitchen could be a problem. Water or moisture tracked into a kitchen can be quickly wiped up and with this type of design will allow for drinks and food to be transported with ease from the kitchen to the patio.

How much preparation that goes into your patio design will determine how well a patio will conform into the existing surroundings. To blend the patio into the surrounding areas bricks or pavers are often used. Using octagon shaped pavers for the main part of the floor, as well as for the main walk, with rectangular pavers on the outer edge can create a defined area on which people are expected to walk.

By being conscious of other parts of landscaping, the patio design can fit into the layout or conflict with the existing plans. The choice of materials will be the primary consideration in having it fit in better.