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Patio Cover Design

To make your patio more enjoyable, you will most likely want a cover over at least part of it. If your patio is small, putting a cover over the entire patio is the best way to go but for a large patio, you have the

option of covering part of it and even using a combination of a solid cover and a latticed cover. The size of your patio and what type of cover are two things to consider when you are looking into a patio cover design.

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For a small to medium patio, you have the option of choosing a retractable or non retractable canvass awning type of patio cover. The advantage of a retractable patio cover design is that you can have it retracted to catch the sunshine but pull it over your patio for protection from rain or too much hot sun. A non retractable awning can be attached or free standing. Both retractable and non retractable canvass patio covers are affordable and are relatively easy to install yourself.

Another option that works well for any size patio is a solid patio cover design. These can cover the entire patio or just the part you want covered. Solid patio covers can be made of a variety of materials, often a combination of two or more. The posts can be made of aluminum, steel, vinyl or wood. The top can be made of the same assortment of materials with the addition of fiberglass sheets. These patio covers can be either attached or free standing and be fairly easily erected.

Lattice patio covers are another great choice. They allow some sun through but still provide some shade so it is cooler under them. These patio covers are usually made from wood or vinyl, though some are aluminum. One type of latticed patio cover design that is different is one that has lattices that open and close in much the same way as venetian window blinds. This lets you have the same advantages of allowing some sun in when that is what you desire but close when it rains or the sun is too hot.

On very large patios, your preferred patio cover design might be a combination of a solid cover and one or two areas with a latticed cover. One idea might be to have the solid cover over the part of the patio that is closest to the door into the house and have latticed covers angling out from either side and going around the edge of the entire patio, leaving the center open to full sun. This would achieve a courtyard-like effect.

If you are an imaginative do-it-yourselfer, you might consider coming up with your own patio cover design and building it yourself. Wood is a great material to work with for this. You could design it with ivy or other climbing plants in mind to grow up trellises and over the top to help provide shade. Developing your own patio cover design gives you the freedom to make it completely customized to your patio and your preferences. Cover what you want covered and leave other areas open to the sun. The choice would be completely yours and your could take pride in a job well done.