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The Uses Of A Patio Cover

Patios are great places to unwind and enjoy with friends and family. Usually, patios are opens areas with outdoor furniture and a solid floor. Most of these areas have a patio cover in order to protect the flooring and the outdoor furniture. Patio covers come in many materials and designs. Most patio furniture may come in weatherproof materials and foam but homeowners still prefer to use a patio cover to protect them and the flooring along with any other items that are set out in the patio.

Kinds Of Patio Covers

Patio covers come in form of awning, tents, umbrellas, overhangs, canopies and many others. Other structures may also be considered as patio covers like a trellis or plant that is made to form a sort of roof. Awnings are permanent structures that are usually attached to the roof of the house directly connected to the patio. There are tarpaulin awnings, aluminum awnings and many other materials that are suitable to use for these structures.

Tents are also suitable as a patio cover and they come in many shapes and sizes. These can be in made to order according to the size and shape of your patio and you can also choose the kind of material for your tent canopy. It can be made of canvas (does not weather rain well), tarpaulin, clothing or even plastic. One drawback of tents, whether as a patio cover or any other use, is that sometimes these can collect water from excessive rain and collapse under the pressure. Homeowners need to make sure that the tent material is fixed in such a way that folds do not collect water.

Overhangs are usually made with canvas or tarpaulin and can be made in such a way that they can be rolled up or down to accommodate the weather. This type of patio cover is suitable for those homeowners that may sometimes enjoy the sun. They are sort of semi permanent and can be easily replaced when the material cracks or suffers from wear and tear.

Canopies are similar to overhangs in such a way that they can be made from the same material but canopies are usually permanent and homeowners may have a difficult time keeping them when the need arises. This sort of patio cover can be very attractive just because of the variety of colors available for the materials.

Trellises and plant coverings are great as a patio cover and are similar in such a way that they do not provide adequate protection from rain but can shield people from the sun. These are also attractive because of the different kinds of climbing and creeping plants available for this kind of patio cover. Whatever kind of patio cover you might wish to have, the important thing is that it suits your patio.