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Outdoor Wood Benches

Having one or two outdoor wood benches on your patio will make the area more usable and practical. Many outdoor wood benches have a storage compartment that will give the bench a dual purpose of

storage and seating. No matter what type of patio you have, adding outdoor wood benches provide adequate seating and will dress up the patio. There many styles and shapes of benches available made from a variety of woods. Everything from teak to wicker or a combination of them all is being used to make outdoor wood benches for every conceivable environment.

Many inexpensive outdoor wood benches made of various types of wood and wood slats can make a nice impression. However, due to their basic design and the shape of the seat and back, they may be a little uncomfortable for more than a few minutes of use. Even those made of all wood should be tried out before using them as outdoor wood benches or no one will want to stay in them very long. Wicker and resin materials are also popular when making cheap benches, with some of them actually more comfortable that some of the more expensive ones.

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Many decorators will use several outdoor deck benches to form a faux wall around a patio while providing seating for several persons. Individuals may use one bench for seating and another for holding pots of flowers or other growths. Regardless of the materials used, all outdoor furniture requires some care and maintenance.

Outdoor Wood Benches Versus Concrete

While outdoor benches made of concrete may seem to last longer, they can be cold to sit on, depending on the temperature, and if left in direct sunlight will absorb the heat and hold it longer than most other materials will, making them uncomfortable during weather shifts. Concrete may also begin to degrade after several freeze-thaw cycles and due to their weight will probably remain outdoors through every season. Outdoor wood benches will normally make a better choice for comfort and looks.

Wood outdoor deck benches can be some of the most comfortable, provide the angle of the back and slope of the seat matches the user’s physical profile. The wood slats will need protection from the weather, much like a wood patio deck and failure to do so can result in rotting wood, sometimes not noticed until someone goes to sit down and ends up on the ground. They can be disassembled and repaired if needed, including repainting the metal sides and feet.

Outdoor wood benches have come a long way in terms of color choices and designs in the past few years. However, the problem with most wood products is when they are exposed to the weather elements they begin to fade and wrap. Thats why its important to choose a protective finish product to apply to the wood to endure any adverse climate.