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Outdoor Wall Fountains

Indoor and outdoor wall fountains are a great way to grace the interior or exterior of a home or office since they are easy to hang, stay out of the way, and add a beauty and a peace to the home or office for all who enter.

There are some wall fountains that are designed for outdoor use only and others that are designed for indoor use. Each of the wall fountains offers unique qualities that will fit the design as well as the practical use of adding humidity to the air as winter rolls around.

Style and Grace

There are some outdoor wall fountains that are very simple. The back of the fountain is either lined or has some small geometric shapes on it and is made of wood, copper, or stone. The water flows down the face of the back of the fountain and is caught in the trough at the bottom. The small motor within the fountain then circulates the water back through the fountain so that it can be used again and again without having to be hooked to a water supply. If the water begins to evaporate from the fountain, it is easy to add more water to the trough so that the fountain can be full again and the motor will not burn out.

Other outdoor wall fountains are more complex in design, such as those that have a more elegant feel and are made of stone. Many of these wall fountains are made for outdoor use and have ancient styles of design that make a yard or room look like a Victorian palace. There are some that have a pillar-like border around the background of the wall fountain. Inside of the border is a laurel leaf design with a small ledge beneath it from which the water flows and falls into the trough below it. There is another wall fountain that has a pair of dolphins that seem to be leaping out of the ocean waves and the lip of one of those waves is where the water flows and drops into the trough below.



There are more ornate outdoor wall fountains that can be found and will run the consumer around two thousand dollars to purchase. For instance, there is an outdoor wall fountain that is made of marble and has a copper, gated design going up the face of the fountain. Above the gated design is the face of Neptune, from which the water flows into the trough below it.