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Outdoor Solar Lights

For decades, solar power has been relegated to role of simple novelty, and until recently, it has not enjoyed mainstream success on any level.

However, it is becoming increasingly popular in the grim face of global warming and rising energy costs. Today you see an increased amount of solar energy being used for contemporary home lighting as more and more people are taking advantage of that power source. Outside area and accent lighting will add charm to any home, but it can cost a large amount of money to operate every year. You will be able to save up to 15% of your annual energy costs by installing outdoor solar lights to replace your existing conventional wired lights.

Simple, Efficient Design

Outside solar lighting is durable and also aesthetically pleasing. They are simple in design with very few moving parts, which makes them more able to prevail against extreme weather or potential hazards better than cabled lighting systems. Because you'll end up paying a little bit more for outdoor solar lights, you'll get a much sturdier package. Solar lighting fixtures are often times made of metals, for example nickel, instead of the brittle plastics used by some of the less expensive lighting fixtures.

The photo cell on top of the fixture will convert energy from the sun into electricity to power the light. The solar light will come on at night time after being charged by an internal battery during the daytime. This charge can last up to 12 hours. Automatic control can be used for controlling your solar lighting system, you can also include some manual switch control as well. Since solar lighting is availble is so many different sizes, styles and classy designs, you should not find it difficult to locate just the style for you.

Replace all of your outdoor lighting fixtures with outdoor solar lights, from pathways and landscaping to pools and security floodlights. There is a model to fulfill every need, and you can make your outdoor lighting power grid-independent for much less than you might think. The solar lights are very cost effective with the cost ranging from 20 dollar on up. This means you can redo your entire outdoor lighting sysem for just a few hundred dollars or less. Considering the amount of money you'll save each year, you can make a net savings after just a few years, making outdoor solar lights an intelligent investment.