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Outdoor Solar Chimes: Powered By Light, Not Wind

Today, there are some very exciting outdoor solar chimes being sold on the market that provide are sure to add more life to a garden or outdoor space around your home.

These new outdoor solar chimes are actually quite stunning as they come in elegant shapes, have fine finish as well as are able to produce lilting and very pleasing sounds - not to mention the visually exciting images that are also thrown up by these wind chimes.

Outdoor Solar Chimes -Light Sensors

Typically, outdoor solar chimes work with light sensors (automatic) that turns on the outdoor solar chimes at dusk and causes hidden LEDs to begin radiating an iridescent aura of visually pleasing and changing light images. The lights produced by the outdoor solar chimes’ LED are refracted through glass and create starry images on the floor, walls or other surface close to the outdoor solar chimes.

Some of the better (and, more expensive) outdoor solar chimes come with seven rotating colors which means getting exceptional colors and along with the soothing sounds guarantees that you will enjoy many hours of entertainment in the outdoors. Such chimes are ideal for placing on a patio escape, on the balcony as well as in a garden.

Good outdoor solar chimes will cost you about fifty dollars and its LEDs will generally have hundred thousand hours shelf-life. Buying outdoor solar chimes requires that you check out a few different products so that you can see which one has best features as well as is priced most reasonably.

Amazon.com and Nextag.com have a good selection of outdoor solar chimes that you can look at and compare as well as read reviews about in order to ensure that you buy only the best product. There are several different types to choose with each having their own special features though most will glow at night and also change colors in the process. In addition, they will produce soft sounds that will soothe your senses and help you to relax.

Look for aluminum construction as well as ability to change between seven different colors and the weight also should not exceed about five pounds.

Indoor solar wind chimes are an alternative that too is well worth considering. These make for very magical chimes as well as are powered by light instead of by wind and they are also very unique accessories that help complement a room or home and are unique and Earth friendly – all of which are compelling reasons why you should think about adding one to your home.