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Outdoor Patio Sets

A patio is an open space that usually extends into a backyard or just opens up to a sidewall of your home. The size of your patio dictates the different kinds of outdoor patio sets homeowners should use and how many or how large the outdoor patio sets should be.

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If you have a traditional home you may want traditional patio furniture, it you have a Spanish style home you may decide to choose imported iron furniture. Wicker or rattan furniture goes will with an Asian or country style home.

Looking at Wicker Outdoor Patio Sets

Wicker or rattan outdoor furniture is a versatile look. Natural wicker gives the feel of a tropical garden, but when painted white, creates a more country style.

The detailed weave in the wicker is both comfortable and beautiful. It can be elegant looking or very casual and therefore fit into most any home.

Long Lasting Iron Outdoor Patio Sets

Iron patio furniture can be beautifully detailed with different styles of scrolling and finishes. Wrought can complete the look of a Spanish hacienda or a traditional home.

The versatility of iron has made it a popular choice for outdoor patio sets. The only drawback for both iron and wicker material is that they corrode easily when exposed to rain or sun.

Homeowners must take care to guard their different kinds of outdoor patio sets from the elements if they are made from these materials. Applying polyurethane on wicker sets may help but sooner or later polyurethane comes off.

Stone or Marble Outdoor Patio Sets

The sturdiest and probably the easiest to care for of all patio furniture materials is stone and marble. Although very heavy, a stone bench or table will last forever and will fit in well with any style home.

The only problem with these materials is that they are heavy and you will need help in transferring them from one spot to another in case you are redecorating. Outdoor patio sets made from marble or stone are also very stable and you do not need to worry about them toppling over when a heavy person sits on them or if a child should stand on them

Choosing the right set for your patio can be difficult especially since the choices and design today are very beautiful and varied. It is best to get the feel of your patio first before choosing a furniture set. Other things that you might need to consider are the plants and landscape design of the area.