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Using Outdoor Patio Pavers

One of the most popular materials for outdoor patios are concrete paving blocks, available in a myriad of colors and styles, which can be installed by do it yourself homeowners with a little bit of knowledge.

However, when choosing outdoor patio pavers there are a few things to consider about the quality of the material being used. By default, outdoor patio pavers will take the brunt of not only family use but also everything Mother Nature has to throw at it, and as a result there are specifications that need to be adhered to during their manufacture.

Not too long ago, just about anyone could make a few formsoutdoor patio pavers image and pour in some concrete and sell that as outdoor patio pavers. Today‚Äôs contractors and even homeowners understand that these pavers are made of porous materials, soaking up water from the ground underneath as well as the rain dumped on it from above. As a result, specifications offer some comfort to the homeowner installing outdoor patio pavers that they will not crumble and fall apart in a couple of years.

The average absorption rate should be no more than five percent and it should be resistant to at least 50 freeze-thaw cycles to be considered for use as outdoor patio pavers. A minimum pressure tolerance of 8,000 pounds per square inch is also used as a standard for these manufactured stones.

Contractors Rarely Use Faulty Bricks

Professional installation of outdoor patio pavers usually comes with the knowledge that reputable companies will not install the ones that do not adhere to industry standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials have established these standards of outdoor patio pavers for obvious reasons. The homeowner does not want their new patio to turn into a sea of crumbled concrete before the loan is paid off and contractors should be willing to back up the quality of their work.

Outdoor patio pavers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing virtually any type of pattern to be created on the patio. The available colors are almost endless and with sculpting and forming, outdoor patio pavers make an excellent addition to any outdoor landscaping job. Additionally, they can be mixed and match to form more unique designs than a traditional poured concrete patio.

When using outdoor patio pavers the base must be properly tamped down to insure a hard enough surface on which the paving stones will rest. If the gravel and sand is not level and solid, the outdoor patio pavers will work loose and create an unsightly hazard.