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Outdoor Patio Enclosures

There are uniquely beautiful ways to add a patio enclosure to your home. In doing so you would be creating an outdoor space that could be used all year round.

Entertaining outdoors is relaxing for you and your guests. Commonly the outdoor furniture in the patio is more stain resistant and durable. This allows you to feel comfortable serving food and drinks in this space.outdoor patio enclosures image

Outdoor patio enclosures are not only screens but glass could be used also. This would create a wonderful sun room. In the winter months, with the sun shining through the glass, the solar energy could make this space the warmest area in the home without using any electrical or gas energy.

Outdoor patio enclosures are a cost effective way of adding a room to the home. In most cases, the foundation for this room would already be there if there was an existing cement patio floor. There may also be a patio roof already in place requiring the addition of just a few studs with screen or glass in between.

These added outdoor patio enclosures are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This room would quickly become the favorite place in the home. The screened in patio, with its large screened window openings is cool and breezy. You can purchase glass windows to fit these openings creating a warm space in the winter.

When considering outdoor patio enclosures there are a lot of options. Easy-slide windows with screens adjust to your comfort instantly! You can install floor to ceiling windows with screens for maximum light & air. Some of these options are permanent and some are removable. Most can be converted from sunroom to screenroom in just a few seconds.

Does Your Family Need Another Room?

If your family needs more space, order an outdoor patio enclosure online and have it delivered directly to you. It will arrive ready to assemble, possibly in just a weekend! Saves you money on expensive building permits & approvals! Complete kit comes with roof, walls, windows, screens & a door!

These outdoor rooms are significantly more cost effective and easier to install, and cause less mess than construction of ordinary room additions. This type of room addition also takes much less time to construct. Again, you'll save money on heating and cooling costs and get to enjoy outdoor living indoors all year long.

Be sure to consider the addition of electrical and plumbing in your outdoor patio enclosures. Your existing patio may already have outlets for an electrical source. Get advice from an electrician or plumber if doing it yourself.