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Outdoor Garden Fountains

Outdoor garden fountains are a lively way to make the garden come alive. The tinkle of water flowing gently into the pool beneath the fountain adds a peaceful touch to any yard, whether at home of at an

office. Outdoor garden fountains come in a variety of styles, such as the wall garden fountains, which can hook onto the wall near the front porch or a back deck for a decorative and soothing touch to the d├ęcor. The fountains can be made of a variety of different materials including fiberglass, stone, marble, wood, and metal. The type of fountain depends on the landscape design and the taste of the individual.

Environmentally Friendly

For those who would rather not have a cord running across the lawn to the fountain, there are solar powered outdoor garden fountains. These fountains do not run well when in cloudy weather, but they do great when the sun is brightly shining, which is when the individuals would be more likely to be in the garden anyway. The solar powered outdoor garden fountains have a solar panel that stores the sun's energy and powers the motor within the fountain that circulates the water. With the power being made by the sun and the water being circulated within the fountain so that it is not wasted, these fountains are environmentally friendly and easy on the power bill as well.

There is another garden fountain that is made to look like a garden wall, with Greek style pillars on either side of it and a wrought iron gate beneath. Over the gate, carved into the marble is a huge lion's head, which seems to scowl down on the garden below it. The water spouts out of the lion's mouth and into the small pool that is beneath the gate. In the manner of animals, there is another fountain that is carved of marble and hosts a pod of dolphins that seem to be jumping playfully out of the waves. The crests of the waves have holes in them so that the water from the fountain pours out of the wave crests to the pool that lies beneath them.



A simpler garden fountain has a series of bowls that are attached to a flat surface in the background. The top bowls are the smallest and they get larger until they reach the trough at the bottom. The water flows from the smallest bowl at the top into the next bowl which overflows into the next until it reaches the bottom.