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Outdoor Christmas Light Displays Liven Up Your Yard

Is your yard looking bland? Do you want to decorate it for this coming holiday season but you don’t know what to get?

Outdoor Christmas light decorations are always great ways to bring life to your yard and to help bring in the holiday spirit. You don’t have to go all out, you just have to get enough to bring a little light and maybe sound to your plain lawn.

Outdoor Christmas light displays vary from simple lights to entire scenes with Santas and reindeer and elves and more. It’s best to make a diagram of your yard before you shop so you know where you want all the outdoor Christmas light displays to go, it’s best to create a budget so that you don’t go overboard, you should know where you’ll plug your displays into and you should also make sure you budget enough to compensate for the high electricity bill you’re likely to get next month. Beyond that, have fun livening up your yard with bright, colorful and sometimes noisy outdoor Christmas light displays.

Yard Diagrams

Some people use graph paper and some just plain notebook paper to make their yard diagrams. Just draw out your yard, making sure to include your bushes and trees. Then, have fun making a diagram of various outdoor Christmas light display ideas. When you decorate this way first, instead of buying and trying to place everything first, you’ll save time and money and you’ll have a great idea of what will be feasible for the size and shape of your yard. Just remember that oftentimes less is more, so be careful not to go overboard.

Your Budget

How much can you spend on outdoor Christmas light displays? Have this number ready before you go to the store. You can quickly go overboard and you can end up spending way too much. However, if you have a budget before you go shopping, you’re less likely to overspend.

Light Sockets

Have an idea where you’ll plug everything into and don’t forget to buy extension cords if you need them. These should also be included in your budget. It does little good to go all out on outdoor Christmas light displays if you have no where to plug them in.

Now have fun decorating, just make sure you also keep your electric bill in mind as it’s not cheap to power all of these lights and displays. You might want to keep your outdoor Christmas light displays on a timer so that they’re not running all the time; that will definitely save you money.