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Outdoor Benches

Outdoor benches will go with almost any patio design and are necessary for creating that additional seating most are certain to need.

Benches come in a wide range of design elements that can be purchased in many areas. Outdoor benches can be manufactured out of wood, concrete, metal or resin to fit the homeowners taste.

Some outdoor benches are manufactured using both wood and iron which looks great together. However, due to their basic design and the shape of the seat and back, they may be a little uncomfortable for more than a few minutes of use. Even those made of all wood should be tried out before using them as outdoor benches or no one will want to stay in them very long. Benches constructed of wicker or resin are cheaper but can be just as satisfactory.

Many decorators will use several outdoor benches to form a faux wall around a patio while providing seating for several persons. A bench not only provides extra seating it can also be a barrier to a child on the patio or show off a prize potted azalea. Whether the patio furniture is metal, wood, or resin it will have to be cleaned, sealed or otherwise cared for.

Durability, Looks or Comfort, the Choice is Yours

Concrete outdoor benches are a good choice for longevity purposes but they can be very heavy and also quite cold. It could take several years, but concrete can also deteriorate becuase of being left out during the harsh wintertime.

Some outdoor benches built out of wood, are designed to accommodate the natural shape of the body and therefore provide maximum comfort. From time to time a fresh coat of clear stain to protect it from harsh weather should be done to keep it looking like new. They can be disassembled and repaired if needed, including repainting the metal sides and feet.

Resin outdoor benches have come a long way in terms of color choices and designs in the past few years. However, the problem with most resin products is when they get too cold they can easily chip or crack if bumped. Some benches can become mis-shapened if placed in direct sunlight for long periods of time.