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Materials For Making Windchimes

Wind chimes are attractive chimes that are hung outside to catch the wind. The wind makes the chimes hit each other and these create a musical sound that is supposed to have a distinctly beneficial effect on people's temperament and mood.

Making windchimes is easy and even children can make these with some degree of supervision. Wind chimes are usually outdoor windchimes since the wind is outdoors and not indoors. Artificial wind can also suffice for indoors such as an electric fan or air conditioner.

What You Need

Basically, when making windchimes, you need to decide what material your chimes will be made of. There are a lot to choose from such as flat bamboo, metal tubes or panels, sea shells, small, empty bottles and many more. Making windchimes will require some strong string, a base from which the chimes will hang from and maybe some extra strong glue.

The first step to making windchimes is to prepare the base by making holes in it in which to tie the chimes' string to. If you are making windchimes made of bamboo, sea shells or metal tubes, then it is quite easy to have holes drilled through them. It is always better to tie the string through a hole for better chances of the chimes hitting each other properly. Small glass bottles can present a problem when making windchimes because there can be some difficulty in making holes in these. You can tie the string around the neck of the small bottles, though.

You can tie the chimes of your choice with different lengths of string for aesthetic value or tie them with the same length. Making windchimes of the same length can still be effective if the chimes of your choice are also longer then a few inches. This gives them a chance to hit each other when the wind blows compared to shorter chimes that might mss each other.

The base to which you tie the string of the chimes to can be made of anything that corresponds with the chimes you have. A bigger sea shell or metal plate can do. A ceramic plate can also be used for most kinds of materials; it is actually the choice of the person making windchimes. When tying the base, it is best to drill several holes on the bases with which to tie it to the ceiling or wherever you intend to.

Making windchimes can be a family project for your kids or an entirely kids project which adults should supervise. Children will be so proud to hang their chimes when they are finished with them.