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The Many Benefits of Low Voltage Outdoor Lights

Outdoor landscape lighting should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, preferably easy to install and safe. Low voltage outdoor lights fits these criteria well and at a reasonable price.

Many low voltage lighting fixtures are offered as a kit in local home stores; but if durability and flexibility are of concern, professional quality outdoor landscape lighting fixtures would be a better option.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lights -Considerations

While the most apparent benefit of any outdoor lighting is the added beauty to the landscape, it can also provide home safety and security. One of the most economical ways to add light to the night is by installing low voltage outdoor lights.

Low voltage lighting operates on a 12 volt current as opposed to the standard 120 volt current, and is therefore safer to operate and more energy efficient. Low voltage lighting can also have a more compact design, allowing for compact fixtures where desired. 12-volt lights produce a better quality of light than 120-volt lights, and there are plenty of styles to pick from.

Although low voltage outdoor lights are relatively easy to install, you may prefer to use a professional designer and installer, particularly if opting for professional quality fixtures. There is a wider variety of professional quality lighting available on the market, it has better construction, and often comes with an extensive warranty.

The cost of professional low voltage outdoor lights will definitely exceed the cost of a simple kit; but this initial expense is offset by the extended life and again, has a lower operating cost when compared to standard 120-volt lighting.

A low voltage lighting system consists of a power pack (or transformer), a low voltage lamp, and a low voltage cable. The transformer is the component that reduces the 120 volt current from your home into the 12 volt current used by the lighting system. Transformers also have an automatic timer, which allow lights to go on and off at preset times. Low voltage lamps have a variety of brightness levels ranging from 4 watts to 50 watts halogen.

The maximum number of lights that can be connected to a transformer is determined by the total wattage of all the fixtures. You may need more than one transformer depending on the number and type of lights you would like to install. The low voltage cable is weather resistant and transmits the electricity. The gauge size of the cable is determined by total amount of watts required to operate your lighting system. Adding light allows you to extend the usable hours of your property, and low voltage outdoor lights allow you to do so safely.