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Landscaping Around A Patio

The landscaping around a patio needs to draw the eye in various directions. Adding a focal point or two such as a small water feature created out of an old urn and a colorful umbrella.

Cluster a few pots filled with tropical plants, taller ones in back with smaller ones in front, placing them around the perimeter. A pot or small garden with some aromatic ginger that when in bloom provides a bit of fragrance. This provides a relaxing area that is full of interest.landscaping around a patio image

Think Low-Maintenance

Your garden needs to be casual and inviting as well as practical. The landscaping around a patio is the first thing your guests will see when stepping outside. Consider replacing the lawn surrounding your patio with low-maintenance, water-wise plants. Add gracefully curved beds. Choose tough plants that grow easily in your region and climate with minimum fuss; native ferns or tough shrubs or cactus. Establish points of interest such as eye-catching succulents or spiky bronze New Zealand flax. Arranging the plants generously and closely together creates a vintage cottage garden look.

Practical Planting

The patio is commonly located close to your kitchen. How about a container vegetable garden? Fill small and large pots with cherry tomato plants, red or green peppers, zucchini and various herbs such as basil, oregano or cilantro that would be great for cutting. Add these fresh ingredients from your patio garden to your salads or main dishes.


Seasonal Planting

When landscaping around a patio try to create a rich tapestry of plants that will compliment your home’s style. One suggestion when planting is to try to coordinate the use of color - burgundy, chartreuse, pink, purple, and blue – this ties the garden together. Planning the landscape carefully with a variety of plants that look good during the different seasons will keep it visually appealing all year.

A Few Final Touches

Adding landscape lighting that has been carefully arranged can create drama in the evening. Try placing some stepping stones leading from your patio to a small corner where there may be an arbor with a bench. This provides a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the beauty.