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The Delicacy Of Japanese Glass Wind Chimes

Glass wind chimes are quite beautiful both aesthetically and musically. The greatness of glass and the beauty that people see in it are what make Japanese glass wind chimes exceptional.

The Japanese are known for their talent in presentation and finesse when it comes to art and their ceremonies. Japanese glass wind chimes have been around for over a hundred years and were initially brought to Japan from China. Since the Japanese loved to refine everything around them, Japanese glass wind chimes were perfected.

The usual shape of the Japanese glass wind chimes is rounded. Many manufacturers of these wind chimes make them by hand and blow them manually. Many of the beautiful wind chimes are painted on the exterior while others are left as is. There are some recycled glass wind chimes made in Japan but these are not the rounded shapes that are almost traditional. There are other shapes and forms that come with Japanese glass wind chimes. The usual concept behind the wind chimes from Japan is a rounded or full shape with either a metal rod or ceramic rod hanging from the middle of the said shape. As the wind swings the rod, it hits the sides or the rim of the mouth of the wind chime.

Beliefs Of Japanese Glass Wind Chimes

There are many different beliefs surrounding wind chimes. It is believed that the musical notes that are created by the wind chimes as the wind swings them gently can soothe and calm the person within hearing distance of these. Japanese glass wind chimes are made with delicate glass and some are so fine and thin that the sound they create is a delicate tinkle.

The Japanese pay tribute to the Japanese glass wind chimes by saying that whosoever hears the melodic tones will be protected from danger and evil. Many also believe that these beautiful glass wind chimes bring good luck if placed in strategic places in the home or garden. There are also some shapes and forms of the Japanese glass wind chimes that are in themselves tributes to luck and other beliefs in Japan. The lucky cat design as well as the fish design are quiet popular.

The relevance of the design of a Japanese glass wind chime depends on what is drawn of written on it as well as the shape it comes in. There are other mediums of the furin or bell shaped wind chime as well.